Thursday, December 30, 2021

LeeAnn Gets Crafty with her 2022 Crafty Goals!!!


SO, 2021 will be gone shortly, and here I sit, a friend inspired me to set up my goals for 2022...

I'm going to start making cards for the senior home and children's center again.

Another destash giveaway for my local crafters to gather/use what I do not. Gave a lot to senior home last year, and this year gave 2 families a lot of paper, stickers, ephemera, stamps and ink that I haven't used in a while.

Join more challenges.

Make more time for ME crafting. I have one virtual crop in March I am participating in, and will be looking for others as well.

Spending, well that is pretty much only with 3 stores now, I have one more on my list to focus on, I love to help small business's but have to choose wisely 🙂

Pattern Paper... I have so much of it, 6x6 mostly, so I found a great blog/youtube and am going to be using her sketches at least one week a month.

My friend has a youtube channel and does great cards, also using pattern paper and will be following along more closely and using her ideas as well.

Last but not least... USE WHAT I HAVE, I went through my box from one brand 2 days ago and could not believe the amount of stamps/dies that I HAD TO HAVE, but have never used.

Longer than expected but I guess I have Goals 🙂