Thursday, June 15, 2017

Awesome Easy Ways to Utilize Hardware Supplies in the Craftroom

Greetings friends and fellow crafters, just a quick post today that I wanted to share with you.
Last week the husband and I went to Lowe's (GO JIMMIE JOHNSON #48), and I was looking for magnet sheets, well they were out so we went to Wal-Mart. Over in the air conditioning filter section I found the magnets I was looking for. Deflecto 5" x 12" 2 in a pack for less than $3.

I brought them home and promptly lost them. 
Today I started looking for them and there they were, of course still in the Wal-Mart back on the loveseat in my craft room. SO, then the fun started. I cut each magnet into 4" x 5" rectangles. 

I then started putting my dies on them, and put them in page protectors purchased at Staples they are 5.5 x 8.5.

Now on to other craft room hardware store finds. 

My workbench from Harbor Freight, my husband bought it for me a couple weeks before Christmas last year for $67. This thing is great, pegboard, 2 big drawers, shelf on top, shelf below, a bar light under the top shelf and a 3 outlet plug on the left side. 

On the top shelf you can see the Tool Caddy also from Harbor Freight $11, normally for nuts/bolts/screws. I have my Kat Scrappiness Sequin collection in there, and all the drawers are used.

In the green photo frame is my original die storage have used for 2 years now, also a magnet that is 8 x 10.

Hope this has helped to give some inexpensive ways to get your room organized.

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  1. great post! I use the vent covers for die storage as well. I covered my wall behind my die cutting machine with them and so at least my basic shapes are within reach of my machines. I also have been using those nuts and bolts cabinets for years for my bead storage. They are great. I purchased the extra drawer dividers, they really help with the organization.Alicia