Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Joy Clair- Picture Perfect

Hi there friends and fellow crafters. LeeAnn here with a project I had fun making using the Joy Clair stamp set called God's Focus.

This was a fun project, and I have actually had it ready for a little while. This was the first thing I thought to do with this stamp set, and hope you like it. 
I had just bought some new ink pads and went down the line with them in rainbow order to make this card. Using my 8.5 x 6.5 stamping tool the first trick was to figure out just where to put the camera so I would be able to stamp both the rows and columns only moving the paper but not the stamp itself. 
SO, once I had that part figured out I was ready to start stamping. I used Ranger Dye inks for this in Ladybug Red, Goldfish Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Cactus Green, Seaside Aqua, Denim Blue, Magenta Violet, and Jelly Purple.
Once this step was complete and I had all my images, I went to my bigshot with 3 of my postage stitched dies and cut out a large and small image from white cardstock and a medium image from mirror. Once again I went back to my stamping tool and stamped the sentiment "I'M MADE Picture Perfect" in the small cut. I affixed the small and medium to the large with double stick tear tape, the large base was attached with foam tape to the base. And once again I remembered the "bling theme" so I found my silver glitter enamel dots and put them as the lens of the visible camera lenses. 

I hope you have enjoyed this project and it has given you an idea of a project you can make with this set as well. Thank you so much and let's get crafting. 

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