Friday, January 5, 2018

Drinking in 2018 with Tape Technologies

Greetings friends and fellow crafters, LeeAnn here with my first post of 2018 with Tape Technologies. For January we are usign the UltraFX Vinyl which is so great that I knew up front a New Year's project was in order.
This  year we decided to keep it quiet, I was home in my craft room getting plans ready for 2018. I decorated these Champagne Flutes for my brother in law, sister in law, nephew, husband and myself using UltraFX Vinyl and my Scan N Cut.
This information is straight from the Styletech site:
"NEW Ultra FX colors are almost indescribable. The colors are unique, yet very appealing. The Glitter effect is great, but then… something more. Only seeing is believing."
I really wish you could see the effect in these glasses as it is amazing. 

I put Happy New Year on one side and 2017-18 on the other of each flute, and made little hang tags with each person's initial so we would not confuse our flutes. Now, my sister in law and I have the same first initial, so her tag is round while mine is square, and our husbands match ours.

I hope you have enjoyed this project, and see how easy it is to use this vinyl to make your own designer Champagne Flutes.

Happy 2018 and see you next month.