Saturday, January 22, 2022

Mind & Body by Syncopation Design

Hi there friends and fellow crafters, LeeAnn here with my first post for The Syncopation Design Team. I'm so exciting to work with these wonderful ladies and Jennifer's digital creations. This release is called Mind & Body, and it is everything needed to help get a handle on a happy life. 

First up is of course my favorite because it is of course a shaker card. And the sentiment just seems to be the perfect one for this... Perfectionism stifles progress.... I do find within my own life trying to be perfect at things takes away the fun, and makes me lose track of what I am doing. And if trying to be perfect is going to cause an anxiety attack, then it will make me shut down and not even try. SO... take me as I am, I'm not perfect, and love me for my flaws. 

Next up is this 4.25 x 5.5 card reminding us to stay hydrated. What is your hydration liquid of choice? For me... Iced Tea, although I do drink at least 1 bottle of water per day as well. 

Going all out with this very clean and simple card, and doing a little reminder to myself as well, and what I want everyone out there reading to do... Show yourself kindness. Don't let thoughts get in telling you aren't good enough, don't compare yourself to others. You do things others don't, just as others will do things you do not. If something isn't your style, don't force it upon yourself to then feel bad later because it didn't turn out the way someone else did. This is not only speaking in crafty goodness, but in all aspects. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, child rearing or even just being. Be yourself, and be kind to yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed my cards today. I know I sure did have fun making them and sharing them here. The digital kit can be found here...

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