Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tape Technologies Opal Vinyl with LeeAnn

Greetings friends and fellow crafters, LeeAnn here today with a project I made using the Opal vinyl from StyleTech-Tape Technologies.
This vinyl is so awesome and I was so happy to be able to get my hands on it. I think it was the perfect vinyl to use for this project.
Let me give you a little back story, On October 24 my daughter was sworn in to the US Coast Guard and was swept away from the family for 8 weeks of Boot Camp. I am extremely proud of her, and this project is a gift for when she is back home. I hope you like it.

This first image is a collage showing the different colors this one piece of Opal style vinyl will put off, depending on how you look at it.
 This second image is the finished plate standing and this last is the finished plate laying down.
I LOVE these colors. I really hope my daughter enjoys this plate as a memory many years from how of that 8 weeks in Cape May, NJ.

I used an svg file of the Coast Guard logo and my Scan N Cut machine to cut the image. I then planned out the lettering in the Scan n Cut software and cut it, using the application tape I was able to move everything from the backing sheet to the plate with ease.

Thank you for checking out my project today. Please all comments are welcome.


  1. What a lovely and sentimental project. I am sure she will love it, even more so since you made it. I see a few orders in your future!

  2. Thank you Janet, and yes orders will be awesome, I will be happy to make them for anyone who would like one. $25 + shipping. :)

  3. This is just gorgeous! I love it!